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Windows 10 Gets Gears of War Ultimate Edition After Xbox One Release

For a while we had been hearing of a remaster version of the celebrated Gears of War series and at this year’s E3 that came out in the form of Gears of War Ultimate Edition for the Xbox One and Windows 10.

Now we know that the Xbox One version’s release date was specifically announced for August 25, 2-15 by Microsoft, but they have not yet revealed when the PC version of the game will hit the racks.

This gave rise to a lot of speculations where people claimed that the PC version would come alongside the Xbox One version of the game while others thought that Microsoft is probably using all their resources on the console version meaning that the PC version will be focused on later.

The matter was taken up with the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer who chipped in to confirm the latter. He has confirmed that you will not get Gears of War Ultimate Edition for Windows 10 on the same day as you will get it for the Xbox One, rather it is scheduled for later.

Parallel to this, another alleged list of Games with Gold for the month of August had recently surfaced online – not the one that we reported as fake yesterday, another one.

This one claimed that you will be getting LEGO Marvel Super Heroes and Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris for Xbox one while Alan Wake and Injustice Gods AMong Us would be made available for Xbox 360.

Before the rumor spread, Phil Spencer quickly confirmed that it was fake saying “I think it’s funny that people make these. We are going to have to create a hologram to prove authenticity…not real.”

Excited about Gears of War Ultimate Edition release on Windows 10? Lets just hope it is not another broken game!