Potential for Star Wars Battlefront on VR is Real, Watch a Demo Here

Oculus Rift and other VR based products seem like the future of gaming industry. However, we are not yet in a position to actually see all the major titles like Star Wars Battlefront on them.

This is why we have rely on fan projects like the one that is being shown in the video above. A group of people have shown off the high potential that any new Star Wars game would have if it was being run on Oculus Rift.

You can see how the creators of this video have tried to capture integral elements of the Star Wars franchise including the vehicles, the Death Star and more.

However, the best part they have shown is the spaceships that edge you forward towards space based battles – something that is missing from Star Wars Battlefront.

Details that were shared by creators of the video tell us that they spent two weeks making this video and services of two artists were used.

If you were wondering about the engine, these guys have run all the footage on Unreal Engine 4.

Have you seen the video above? This is just a fan project, now imagine how much better Star wars Battlefront would look if this was being made by EA itself.