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NBA 2K16 Pro-Am, MyLeague, MyPark, MyCareer and More Details Leaked

Details of NBA 2K16’s MyLeague, Pro-AM, MyPark, MyCareer and more have been leaked online, courtesy of the Smartglass app.

According to the details, Pro-AM will pin some of the best MyPlayers against each other, in a 5-on-5 full court matches with NBA rules. As a walk-on, players will compete against 2K Pro-Am community to boost themselves up the League Leader ranks.

You can also take things a step further as a team with fully customized branding where you’ll compete on the Power Rankings leaderboard.


Your character’s story in MyCareer is written and directed by Spike Lee. MyCareer will begin with you playing high-school basketball, and later choosing which college you want to play ball for.

If you managed to do well enough, you’ll gain attention from some of the top NBA teams.

But things are never that simple or straightforward. Spike Lee’s story walks your player through the trials and tribulations of life on the big stage, where you will need to manage money, fame, temptations, family members, the press, and fans.

It’s a story that has been told many times in many different ways. In NBA 2K16, YOU are the star in a story that only Spike can tell.

MyPark features 3 cities, 3 Parks, 3 unique brands of basketball. The Old Town are known for their flashy, up-tempo play. The Rivet City Rough Riders on the other hand prefer aggressive and relentless play, “with physical play dictating the action above all else.”

Sunset Beach Ballers are calm, composed and shoot the ball with deadly precision.

Where does your allegiance lie? What Park will you call home? Choose wisely. And get ready to ball.


MyTeam lets players collect different past and present NBA players, to create a perfect team to go head-to-head with teams in one of five uniquely different game modes.

Players can game against other teams online in Road to the Playoffs, or compete against exclusive line-ups in Challenges.

dominate the modern day NBA teams as well as Historic NBA teams in Domination, or play in our all—new 3-on-3 online street mode called The Gauntlet. To help you show off your own style, MyTEAM also introduces a dynamic Team Creator where you can create every element of your team’s appearance, right down to the team logo, uniform, and arena.

Be different in MyTEAM! Lastly, MyTEAM is a mode built on fresh content. All season long, new players and items will be released to help give your team a leg—up on the competition.

Also, following are the new features in MyGM mode:

  • Team Relocation
  • Advanced Team Building
  • SimCast Live
  • Staff Carousel
  • All-New Draft Lottery
  • All-New NBA Draft
  • News Ticker
  • Summer Leagues
  • 2K Hoops Summit
  • 3-Team Trades

More details can be found in the image below:


Screengrab from Microsoft SmartGlass app.

NBA 2K16 is expected to release later this year for all major platforms.