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Head of Xbox France Confesses Buying PS2 Because of Original Xbox Controller

If there is one thing that Twitter always manages to provide us with, it is interesting conversations. One that took place over the last few days was a nostalgic look back at the original Xbox controller.

What makes this such an interesting conversation, is that it included the boss of Xbox France Hugues Ouvrard commenting on how the design was so bad that it made him play the Playstation 2 instead. Below is an image of the conversation from French site gameblog who first reported it:


The most amusing part of the conversation is that Playstation France (or the community manager) took enjoyment in thanking Ouvrard for this confession. It’s also amusing that Ouvrard had to confirmed that his account had not been hacked, he was really making the confession.

For people who have played consoles for many years they will know the horrors of some controller designs. Original Xbox is one of the obvious ones, as was Nintendo 64’s horrendous offering. Sega’s Dreamcast is another often remembered for its bulkiness, and has quite a resemblance to the original Xbox’s controller.

These monstrous controllers came at a time when the console companies appeared to be searching for that perfect design to compete against what Sony has come up with for the Playstation, which was easily the best design. I think it is fair to say that Microsoft failed when it came to the original Xbox, though learnt from their mistakes.

What are your thoughts on Hugues Ouvrard’s confession, even if true was it a wise one to make? Do you remember any other controller nightmares? Let us know your thoughts below.