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GTA Online Money Glitch with Duplicate Cars After Patch 1.28

Despite the patch 1.28 was aimed at curbing all glitches from the game, a new GTA Online money glitch has been found, this one requires you to duplicate cars and sell them off.

The story of money glitches in GTA and other indirect ways of earning loads of money is as old as the game itself; even now modders and YouTubers look for ways and post them online. This one is no different.

You will be able to find out all about the process in the video here, but we’ll just write a summary of the same.

For this GTA Online money glitch you will need a friend by your side, a full garage that is not attached to an apartment and you are ready to go. Take one expensive car out and ask your friend to send you an invite for an impromptu race.

When he send you the invite he should start spamming ‘A’ where it asks you “do you want to accept the impromptu race?” While he is doing that, you should drive to the closed doors of the garage and slam into it but just a couple of feet before you actually hit you should accept the race.

When the countdown ends you will get a duplicate car right next to you. Take this one to the Los Santos Customs and replace one of the cars in your garage with it.

Check out the video for a detailed account of the GTA Online money glitch.