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Fallout Shelter Reaches No. 4 in the Most Downloaded Games for iOS Devices

We reported last week that Fallout Shelter had made $5.1 million in just two weeks, so it should come as no surprise just how much it was downloaded. It now turns out it managed to make it to number four in the most downloaded games on iOS devices for June.

When Fallout Shelter also comes to Android devices it will be interesting to see how popular the game will be with newer users, especially now E3 is over and there is less hype surrounding it. There are sure to be plenty of players ready give it a go.

Now that people have been playing the game for a while, the popularity may also start to lessen on the iOS devices. There are incentives still to play, like the addition of the Legendary dweller. It is questionable just how long the popularity of the game can last.

This will be an eye opener for Bethesda as to how they can market their upcoming games to gain more money from players, all in the form of the “free-to-play” model. Games with no impending release can also be looked at too, with Elder Scrolls: legends trading-card game proving that.

Mobile gaming, especially casual games are an area of revenue that often prove very profitable for companies like Bethesda. To do this though they have to get the balance between free-to-play and in-game payments is right. Companies like EA for example don’t always have this balance in their game and players are often vocal with their annoyance at this.

With Fallout Shelter, Bethesda appear to have the balance needed and are likely to have more success than some others. Whether Fallout Shelter will stay as popular as it was in June though is yet to be seen.

Are you still playing Fallout Shelter? Do you invest real world money into the game? Let us know your thoughts below.