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Fallout 4 Lead Designer Wrote Skyrim’s “Arrow in the Knee” Dialogue

Do you love Elder Scrolls Skyirm? Remember the “arrow in the knee” dialogue that got so popular? Well it turns out the guy who wrote that classy dialogue is now the lead designer of Fallout 4!

Emil Pagliarulo who is Bethesda’s senior designer and writer now lead the design on the upcoming Fallout title but that doesn’t mean he cannot have anything to do with the game’s dialogue.

I say that to those who know where the “arrow in the knee” dialogue, for the others, watch the image below to remember where it was in the game.

Before you think of something, Todd Howard clarifies that it was not a one hit wonder of Pagliarulo’s, he is in fact, the king of one liners! Now imagine that coming from a cheeky Todd Howard:

We really wanted to make you get attached to the people. Emil came in and wrote all of the dialogue. Even though he’s working on Fallout 4, he came in and wrote all the dialogue for the people, just those little one liners. He’s the king of the one liners. There’s nobody better, trust me. ‘Arrow in the knee’? That’s Emil. I’ll play Fallout 4, I’ll hear a line and I’ll call Emil and I’ll be like, ‘dude…’

Arrow in the Knee

I am already pretty excited about Fallout 4 but it would also be interesting to see if Bethesda churn out any more of such iconic dialogues in the game.