This Star Wars Themed PlayStation 4, R2-D2 Playbook 4, is Awesome

Being a Star Wars fan I know how much it means for you to have some real life connection with the universe of Star Wars. In light of that, it would be awesome to own a custom made PlayStation 4 that totally reminds you of the good old R2-D2.

The same guy who has been making the Xbook and the Playbook has now customized an R2-D2 Playbook 4 that not only looks like it has been cut from the robot but also talks in the R2-D2 language.

To make things even more interesting, the body of the PlayStation 4 has been made with real 3D printed R2-D2 parts complete with the iconic lights.

I was able to get sound effects and 3D printed parts to use on this system. This system has real scaled down R2 parts installed everywhere! It even has the red/blue light on the front that changes randomly while its on! And with the help of a Adafruit WAVEShield, I was able to have this little guy actually talk.

These machines are called laptops by the manufacturer thanks to the inbuilt screen. For interested parties they cost you around 1400 bucks.

Check out the video above and tell us if you would swap your PlayStation 4 with this.