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Just Cause 3 Gameplay Footage Shows Chaos, Destruction, and Fun

When Just Cause 3 was announced, the most important thing people wanted to know was just how much freedom to cause cause chaos they would be. Everything revealed about the game so far hints at the fact that causing chaos is pretty much what the game is all about.

This freedom and chaos was born from Just Cause 2, where players tended to forget about the main story missions and go where they wanted and make their own fun.

With all pretence of linearity gone in the game Just Cause 3 is about blowing stuff up and destabilising the island you have been given to destroy.

In a new video posted by YouTuber OfficialNedistCubed he’s been able to reveal around 15 minutes of footage gameplay footage. For those who are not a fan of people talking over videos in an over enthusiastic style, simply mute the video. I don’t find him that bad though, he even manages to be quite amusing.

More importantly is what he shows of the game. This includes the grappling hook upgrades, weaponry, the size of the map, and the chaos that can be caused. What is most impressive is just how fun it all looks.

There are no story elements shown in the video, but I do tend to think that there would be no point in showing them. What we want to see is how the game plays, how good it looks, and how impressive the destruction is. If the narrator of the video manages to do anything it is to show how much fun he finds the game.

From what I’ve seen in this new gameplay video this is definitely a game I want to play myself.

Has it caught your interest? Let us know your thoughts below.