For Honor Accolades Trailer Shows Off Praise and Brutality

If there was one game that came as a surprise at E3 it was For Honor. A type of game we don’t often see from Ubisoft, it came as a refreshing chance especially compared to the others on show.

In a new trailer, Ubisoft show off some of the accolades the game has received from the press. The chosen quotes show that the game has made quite an impression on some of the writers:

“Beautiful Moments and the pure exaltation of War.” –

“One of the biggest surprises from E3 2015” – IGN

“A game to closely watch” –

“Graphic and Awesome” – Pocket-Lint

Ubisoft obviously pick their favourite quotes as these are the ones that will catch gamer’s interest. Adding to the praise though the trailer itself focuses on the brutality of the game and the feeling of being part of a huge battle.

For Honor gives the player the ability to pick from three types of warrior Samurai, Vikings, and Knights and adding customisations to this character based on player choice. They are then forced out onto the field to do battle. Shown at E3 as a multiplayer experience the focus was on capturing the enemy’s base and taking on opponents in battle.

Most interesting is what happened if the base is captured. In this situation, the team who have lost control will face instant death if killed (no respawn.) In this situation, the team must then recapture control before they are killed.

Did For Honor catch your interest? Let us know your thoughts below.