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Have Unfinished Games In Your Steam Backlog? This Website Will Tell If You’ll Live Long Enough To Play Them

Majority of PC gamers choose Steam as their primary platform and most of these people have a notable backlog of games they haven’t yet finished.

Every week something new comes along and we forget about what we were already playing. However, there are those who don’t move on to the next game completely until they finish what they are already playing.

Anyways, if you are a PC gamer and have a backlog of unfinished games, there is a new website that will let you know the amount of time it will take for you to finish your entire library of games. Moreover, it tells you if you’ll live long enough to play and  finish all of your games.

The website is called “How Long to Beat Steam,” and it uses your Steam profile details to compile statistics related to playtime.

It also uses a tool called “Steam Survival Calculator” to determine if you’ll live long enough to complete every single game in your backlog. I, for one, definitely want to complete all the games I own before I move on to gamer’s heaven.

The link for the website is provided above, follow it to know How Long to Beat Steam.

How many games in your backlog are still unfinished? I have 12 by the way, need to put in a few hardcore sessions I guess.