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Game Offer FIFA 16 Pre-Order Incentives but with Interesting Differences

When games are released around the world and offer different promotions on pre-orders there are many different versions available from retailers. Today an interesting difference between offers offered by GAME has come to light.

Looking at the UK pre-order offer (based on the no frills version of the game) you’ll see that the incentives are 15 Ultimate Team Gold packs over 15 weeks, and a new “KO” celebration. This is fine, and a nice way to catch the eye of anybody looking to take up an interesting offer. When looking at the Spanish GAME site though, this is where things get a little different.


Looking at the Spanish offer you’ll notice the exact same deal but with a difference, they also get the “Robot” celebration. This does raise a question as to why the offer is different. Also should it really matter? The Ultimate Team packs are arguably the real incentive here, but celebrations also matter to some players especially when they are celebrating their goals.


FIFA 16 is the latest version of the popular football game, and will be the first to include women players, in celebration of this year’s World Cup in Canada. Offering new gameplay enhancement it will also have competition in the form of the latest PES game, which is once again growing in popularity.

With the issue of pre-ordering, and the quality of the released games some people are beginning to be reluctant to put money into getting early releases. EA Sports have been dependable in this area, especially with big releases like this so they are probably confident that many will be looking to put their money into the game early.

Would different pre-order incentives affect your version you buy? Moreover, does seeing a company offering a different deal to other countries make you think again on the worth of paying money early? Let us know your thoughts below.