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Gambit’s Forg1ven Suspended Due to Toxic Behaviour, Team Accepts the Decision

League of Legends is one of the most popular MOBA games around and it has been available for 7 years or so. One problem that the game has faced for as long as anyone can remember, is Toxic behaviour.

A notable part of the community is plagued with this issue, which makes life on LoL servers hell for players who just want to enjoy a session of their favorite game.

The problem isn’t limited to the community, the pro-scene of League of Legends is also facing this issue. The good news is that Riot Games is taking steps to ensure things change and players improve their behaviour.

The developer just banned a pro League of Legends player due to toxic behaviour. The player is a member of Gambit Gaming, and is known as Konstantinos “Forg1ven” Tzortziou. This is a huge set-back for Gambit, as the LCS season is upon them, losing their player will make life difficult for the team.

Riot did warn this player before but unfortunately his behaviour didn’t improve and he proved to be a difficult player to play with.

As a result, he received a 4-match ban from Riot Games. Where Forg1ven may not be taking this well, Gambit has released an official statement regarding this suspension, and said they accept Riot’s decision as they have provided sufficient evidence to support their ruling.

Acting respectful towards regular players is an integral part of a professional conduct. This kind of conduct not only is perceived as socially acceptable, but is also a part of Riot Games’ rule book. Even though we are frustrated by the fact that FORG1VEN is suspended for four LCS games effective immediately, we accept Riot Games’ decision as they had provided sufficient evidence to validate their point. While we do not believe that remaining players on our team may be subject to a similar ruling, we will have a talk with them to prevent further incidents from happening.

It will take time for Riot to make improvements in the community by taking strict actions, however, it is also our responsibility to behave and be respectful towards our fellow players in LoL, or in any other game for that matter.