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Ex-Bioware Developers Announce “Mooncrest,” A New Neverwinter Nights Inspired RPG

A group of ex-Bioware developers is working on a new RPG title called Mooncrest. Inspired by Neverwinter Nights, Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire, this title will offer a range of different puzzles and challenging missions.

The development studio is named “Knight Mayor,” a very thoughtful name I have to say.

Mooncrest will feature two lead characters, both of which are female. Story, art style and impressive gameplay elements are going impress fans the most.

According to the official Mooncrest RPG website:

A Story of Sisterhood: An immersive story of fellowship where the interactions with your wayward companion propel you on an adventure of intrigue.
“Souls-style” Combat: Engage in tactical, real-time combat where your wits will matter as much as your reflexes.
Challenging Puzzle Solving: Tease your brain with intuitive puzzles that favor logic and reward your cleverness.

Souls style combat? Hmmm.. that is the most interesting part of this game for me, only if the team managed to nail it.

Interaction with other characters in the game is going to provide players with a cinematic experience, where conversational choices will control the flow of the dialogue. It sounds similar to what we have seen in Dragon Age and other RPG games.

Like I mentioned, there are two female lead characters in the game, one is named Sera, while the other is known as Pirotase. Both of these unlikely companions will journey together throughout the course of Mooncrest.

Developers say that instead of riding with shallow characters, putting focus on two characters allows them to offer more depth in the story.

Developers haven’t announced any platforms yet and a release date is also missing from the details. We’ll let you know as soon as more information is shared.