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Company of Heroes 2 The British Forces Setting Discussed

After Ardennes Assault, Relic Entertainment is really putting in thought to how they want Company of Heroes 2 The British Forces to be a good expansion.

If you didn’t look at this that way yet, the newly released developer diary does a good job of luring in someone’s attention.

Quinn Duffy, the lead game designer starts off by sharing historical facts and the setting of the invasion of Europe around which Company of Heroes 2 The British Forces expansion develops – complete with black and white footage of the war days.

In the expansion you are bound to experience the toughness, resilience and power of the British forces the first of which Duffy thinks was exemplified by Winston Churchill himself.

Then there is the mix of different cultures that was present in the British forces which gave Relic Entertainment a chance to diversify the units they were creating in the game.

While the developers have tried to deliver a really varied playing experience, the developer diary didn’t show much of a gameplay except from the last 40 seconds or so.

Maybe the next time they do something we will also get a better view of the forces in action within the game.

Company of Heroes 2 The British Forces releases on September 3, did the first developer diary tempt you into thinking that you should preorder the game?