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The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt Penultimate Free DLC is Revealed

Now that Patch 1.07 has been released for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and the delayed Alternative Look for Ciri DLC has launched we can now get back to the other free downloadable content still to come. Though there are only two of them left now.

The penultimate one has been revealed today and will be coming this week. Named New Finisher Animations this gives away what the DLC features, no new clothing, challenges or story driven content but a more focus on death and dismemberment.

Giving Geralt several new ways to mutilate his foes and send them to their death, players can expect plenty of violence, chopping off limbs and perhaps a few decapitations. As these can be the most satisfying conclusions to the fights in The Witcher 3 I’m sure more inventive deaths will always be welcome.

With the last piece of DLC coming next week, CD Projekt Red aren’t revealing any hints as to what will be coming yet. They obviously want us to focus on the new finishers that we’ll be able to try out, though we don’t usually get to choose what finisher we see. We’ll just have to be observant when it comes to delivering the final blow.

As the free DLC for The Witcher 3 comes to an end it is hoped that they end the run with a bang. I tend to feel players expect something a little special to end the run.

The developers could shock everybody and provide the New Game + that players have asked for. This may be something that is a little way off though, unless CD Projekt Red have been fooling us so that they can keep it a secret from us.

Are you happy with a New Finisher Animations DLC? What do you want to see in the 16th and final piece of content? Let us know your thoughts below.