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Is Mouse and Keyboard Support Delaying Windows 10 to Xbox One Streaming?

Some of the most interesting news can come from Twitter conversations and it looks like one with Xbox’s Phil Spencer highlights a “nice to have” Windows 10 feature for the future. This relates to streaming not from the Xbox One to Windows 10 but from Windows 10 to the console.

Another Twitter user also raised an issue, which Spencer agrees is the main problem:

This is interesting though as the tone of the conversation does make it easy to assume that it is something that could be coming in the future. With the PC offering different games and potentially better quality streaming to the Xbox One console, is this something that gamers would be interesting?

We already have streaming of a kind on the PC with NVIDIA and their Shield tablet, and Steam offer streaming to other PC devices too so the question of if it being possible is yes. The only issue is the Xbox itself and the creation of the remote access between computer and the console.

It has been known that keyboards do work with consoles for a while, and would getting a mouse working with the console be too hard? This may be as simple as a hardware driver issue that needs to be resolved. If the Windows 10 operating system is pulling all technologies together as Microsoft claim, then should this really be hard to achieve? We’ll have to see.

Would you stream your PC games to your console? Let us know your thoughts below.