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Madden NFL 16 Top Five Running Backs Revealed

The release of Madden NFL 16 is getting ever closer; August is not far off. With this in mind player statistics will be an important part of the game.

Today EA Sports have revealed their top-rated running backs of Madden NFL 16:

  • Marshawn Lynch (96 Overall), plays for Seattle Seahawks and is known as “Beast Mode.” 99 Stiff Arm, 98 Trucking, and 98 Strength. 94 Junk Move, 91 Elusiveness, 88 Accuracy, and 85 Speed.
  • Adrian Peterson (95 Overall), Plays for Minnesota Vikings – 88 Strength, 94 Trucking, 90 Speed, 92 Elusiveness, 96 Stiff Arm, 95 Junk Move, and 94 Spin Move
  • Jamaal Charles (94 Overall), plays for Kansas City Chiefs – 95 Elusiveness, 92 Speed, 92 Accuracy, 98 Agility, 97 Junk Move, 94 Spin Move, and 86 Catching.
  • Demarco Murray (94 Overall), plays for Philadelphia Eagles – 96 Trucking, 97 Strong Arm, 97 Junk Move, 95 Elusiveness, 94 Spin Move, 98 Speed, 91 Accuracy, and 98 Agility.
  • Le’Veon Bell (94 Overall), plays for Pittsburgh Steelers – 99 Carrying, 83 Catching, 88 Speed, 95 Elusiveness, 97 Junk Move, 84 Tracking, and 92 Stiff Arm.

To some of us these statistics may not make much sense, but to fans of NFL and Madden NFL 16 these are the attributes that prove how good a player is and if he has improved in the new game.

With the release of the game August 25, yesterday we reported on the new Xbox One bundle that comes with not only the game but a year’s subscription to EA Access. Subscribers to this service will get to access the game from August 20, meaning they’ll be able to try out these top five running backs and see if they live up to the statistics they’ve been given.

Are you impressed with the updates statistics for the players? Let us know your thoughts below.