An In-Depth Look at the Xbox One Elite Controller

With the release of the Xbox One Elite Controller one of the most important questions people are wanting answered is just why should they pay so much? A video taking an in-depth look at it may provide some insight to question.

In the video David Prien of Xbox goes through what the controller can do as well as explaining where they got the inspiration for it from. Also including Mike “Strongside” Cavanaugh to give a player’s insight into the controller, they both have interesting things to say.

With a heavier feel the controller has been created to be more rugged and to survive the needs of professional players. With the ability to re-map buttons through an app as well as interchange components on the controller what comes across from the video is that the controller has been created to put the control back in the player’s hands.

The big question really is will the average player want a elite controller like this? The answer to this is what they want to get out of it for themselves. If they are willing to pay the extra money to have a more flexible and precise controller that can push them to the next level of playing then this may be something for them to consider.

If they don’t use the functionality available though then there may not be as much of a reason for the purchase.

The cost will always be the issue with this controller, there will be plenty of functionality with the controller and its supporting app for the player to have a truly flexible experience with their games. If they’ll use all of this and make full use of the controller, this will be another matter entirely.

Will you be considering purchasing the Xbox Elite Controller for your Xbox One? Let us know your thoughts below.