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Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards Coming in October but with a Difference

If you are a European fan of Animal Crossing then there is no doubt that you’ve been wondering when the first wave of Animal Crossing Amiibo Card packs and Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer will be heading your way.

Well it looks like the answer has arrived, though there is a worrying difference between the American and European release.

The Amiibo packs will arrive at the same time as Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and that is October 2, 2015. There will be 100 cards in total and each pack will come be sold in packs of three.

Each pack will have a “special” card within, though little has been revealed about what makes them so special. We’ll probably find out more about these nearer the release.

What is slightly confusing about the European release is why the packs will only hold three cards. The packs in America are released with six cards per pack, so why this difference is happening is unknown and slightly worrying.

Nintendo will be first releasing both Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and the Animal Crossing Amibos in Japan, July 30. The pricing of these cards there will be 300 yen.

As with America they will receive six cards per pack, so it will be interesting to see why Europe is getting such a different deal? I’m sure we’ll get an explanation to this sometime before the release, as well as pricing details.

Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards are used in conjunction with Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. The player uses the card to choose which character’s house they are going to design. They can then use further cards to invite other characters to the house.

With the popularity of Animal Crossing there will obviously be great interest in the new game.

What are your thoughts on the difference between the Japan, US and Europe release? Let us know below.