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Grand Theft Auto Online – Double Money and RP for Humane Labs Heist All This Week

Rockstar have just released the news that this week (July 20 – July 26) on Grand Theft Auto Online GTA Dollars and Reputation Points will be doubled for the Human Labs Heist. Other selected online activities and challenges will have raised Reputation Points to aid ranking up to aid in this heist.

The Humane Labs Heist will see you and three friends having to pilot powerful vehicles: the VTOL Hydra, the Insurgent, and the Valkyrie. This pay out and Reputation Points increase also extends to the Elite challenges connected to the Humane Labs Heist.

The aim will be for you to complete the finale of the Heist in eleven minutes flat, not damaging your vehicles, and making sure everybody gets out alive. Think you can manage that?

Online activities and challenges that will receive a boost include:

  • Plane Takedown
  • Flight School
  • Destroy Vehicle Targets
  • Complete a Gang Attack
  • Deliver an Export Vehicle to Simeon
  • Parachuting
  • Deathmatch: Kill 2 Enemies Within 10 seconds, Kill an Enemy Within First 30 seconds
  • Vehicle Deathmatch: Kill 2 Enemies Within 10 seconds of Each Other, Kill an Enemy Within First 60 seconds, Get a Killstreak, Get First Kill

Levelling up on these challenges and activities should make the Heist easier to manage.

Added incentives will also be on offer to try go get players to play Grand Theft Auto Online as much as possible each day. This means discounts on top gear at low prices, and double GTA dollars in Adversary Modes. Keep an eye on Rockstar’s social media accounts where these incentives will be announced.

Will you be taking part in this Heist? Let us know your thoughts below.