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Fallout 4 will be about Freedom and less about Being Visually Impressive

With the latest games on the current generation consoles (and PC) it often seems that the focus is on the best graphics. If a game doesn’t manage 1080p/60fps gamers often complain because that is what they expected and paid good money for it. The balance between graphics, performance, and gaming freedom is something that has to be considered.

Fallout 4 has looked good in the footage we’ve seen so far, but while talking to Gamesradar Bethesda’s Pete Hines shared some interesting views on the visual quality of the game:

“We push it visually as much as we can, while realising that we are not making a game just for the sake of having it be the best looking game out there.”

Using Skyrim as an example:

“it’s not meant to be the most stunning RPG ever. That’s not the stated goal,” he explains. “We want this massive interactive world, where you can talk to people, choose your own path and everything in the world has meaning and is an actual object”

When talking about the interactivity of the game world:

“Everything in the world [is] something tangible – you don’t walk into a room and see lots of stuff and it’s all fake. All the items are actual items,” says Pete. “You set off a grenade in a room? It’s going to blow shit around and knock it all over the place. You have to spend cycles and stuff tracking where all of that went, and how it’s going to bounce around”

For people looking forward to Fallout 4 this is interesting, but it does balance out expectations slightly. Yes, the game will look impressive visually but to add the level of interaction certain sacrifices may have to be made.

Looking at these comments, would you rather have the game visually stunning but with less freedom? Alternatively, would you want a world with more freedom that lacked some visual sparkle? Let us know your thoughts below.