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Street Fighter 5 is Changing the way you Pay to Play

EVO 2015 is in progress and as expected, we have some Street Fighter 5 news that may interest people. Looks like how we pay for extra fighters may be changing, with all post-launch gameplay related content being earnable for free.

If this sounds like the free-to-play model, that’s because it is. An in-game currency is coming in the form of “Fight Money.” This is earned through playing the game and grinding away until the player can earn new content for free.

For those who do not want to grind away to earn the Fight Money, “Zenny” the new premium currency can be purchased with real money allowing the players to buy the post-launch content straight away. This in-game currency model will be tested in future beta testing, though not in the upcoming first phase.

What this means for Street Fighter 5 is that this is the first version of the game that will just require you to pay for the initial release, then everything else is earnable for free. What this means for players is that they won’t be expected to purchase the Super and Ultra upgrades to keep their game up to date.

Whether fans of the game will be happy to put the hard work in to be able to earn the in-game currency will be something we have to see. Also the balancing of the currency will be something to watch. If there is a bias on making it easier to use the Zenny currency to buy and less of an incentive to use the Fight Money, then the upgrades won’t be as “free” as it suggests.

What are your thoughts on the new Street Fighter 5 payment model? Let us know your thoughts below.