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Xbox One Game Streaming for Windows 10 has been Enabled

With the release of Windows 10 getting closer Microsoft are starting to turn on the functionality. Today Microsoft have announced that Xbox One owners with Windows 10 can now start streaming games.

To turn on the streaming, on your Xbox One select “Allow streaming to other devices” in preferences which will give permission. Then install the latest version of the Xbox App on the Windows 10 PC or tablet.

Within the App on the Windows 10 PC you’ll find the option to add a device in the connection section. Games can then be played through the Windows 10 PC or tablet using a wired Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller. To play a game select the one you want to play from the Recently Played list of Xbox One games.

While streaming is taking place, the Xbox One console will appear as “in use” as though the person streaming from the console was in the room.

Coming to the Xbox App in the next few weeks are a while host of new functionality. These include:

  • Party Chat – Above the Friends list should be a new option labelled “Start a party (beta)” this allows party chat between Xbox One and Windows 10 users.
  • My Games – Find games on not only the Windows Store, but also games on your computer not bought from the store. Games can also be added manually.
  • Home – Updates to this area include easier access to streaming and quick launch from the recently played list.
  • Profile – Avatar or gamerpic can be updated here, which will be viewable to your friend. This is where gamertag and profile settings can be changed.
  • Share with Friends – This is where your screen grabs and DVR captured footage can be uploaded for all your friends to see.
  • Xbox Avatars – “Take a photo” feature has been added.
  • Day One Experience – PC owners new to the Xbox ecosystem can get help here.

Windows 10 officially is released July 29, Windows Insider Program users will receive it first, and then others will have the chance to upgrade to the new Operating System.

What are your thoughts on the Xbox One app? Will you be trying it? Let us know below.