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Why DICE Decided to Bet on an IP like Mirror’s Edge, DICE Explains

According to EA DICE General Manager, Patrick Bach, it is never a risky business to bet on an IP like Mirror’s Edge.

While speaking with Gamasutra, Bach stated that despite its flaws, the original Mirror’s Edge was quite interesting, but from a business perspective, you always your bets on something you know already work:

“The first game was quite good and very interesting. It had some flaws. From a business perspective, that might not be the first game you place your bets on–you’d put your bets on the things that you know already work.”

According to Bach, the original Mirror’s Edge sold quite a bit, but not at the original $59.99 pricepoint:

“As a commercial success, you can have the discussion of ‘is it worth doing another one or not?’ The first one sold quite a bit.”

The developer does not see the upcoming Mirror’s Edge Catalyst as a risk, but rather as an opportunity since there are not many games in the first-person adventure genre. According to Bach, one simply needs to get everything right and seize the opportunity:

“Looking at what we have today, I don’t see Mirror’s Edge Catalyst as risky at all,” Bach insists. “It was a risk when we conceived it. But that’s based on maybe preconceptions of what it will be versus what you want it to be. That’s always the hardest thing.”

There aren’t that many games in that [first-person adventure] genre. Getting that [core] right, on top of the emotion and world of Mirror’s Edge, I see that as an opportunity, not a risk.”

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is scheduled to arrive on PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One on Feb. 23, 2016 next year.

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