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The Division’s Randomized Enemies and Loot System Explained by Ubisoft

Despite delays, the intricacy and excitement around Tom Clancy’s The Division has made sure fans don’t lose interest in the game but all that is backed by a steady flow of information from the development studios.

Ryan Barnard, the game director for Tom Clancy’s The Division might just be the perfect person to talk to when we are looking for more gameplay related details and after E3 2015 we have two thing everyone wants to know more about i.e. the loot system and the enemy archetypes featured especially in the Dark Zone.

While discussing the latter, he said that even within each faction there are variants among the enemies which are completely randomized:

[The archetypes of the enemies are] very randomized, so there are several archetypes to each faction in the game and those are absolutely randomized, but the factions themselves are in areas for a reason, so that isn’t as randomized, besides the roamers that might [arrive] in certain areas.

So we have the archetypes and the roamers together causing a lot of unexpected turns in our gameplay.

Then he went on to share a few lines about how the loot system works in Tom Clancy’s The Division. There are two types of the loot; one for the time you are inside the Dark Zone (shared publicly) and one in the open world (shows up exclusively to you).

Loot in The Division is what we call personal loot in the open-world. When you take down some enemies and something drops, that’s for you and not the other members of the group, they don’t see it. However, in the Dark Zone, which is a public space, that changes, so loot is then shared. The first person to loot it, would loot it. It’s also contaminated, so you need to extract it before you can equip it.

So what do you think?