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The New Total War: Warhammer Shows First In-Engine Footage with More Promised Soon

Today the first In-Engine Trailer was revealed for Total War: Warhammer that not only introduced some of the characters and monsters but also showed off what the engine itself could do. Based on the Warhammer Fantasy Battles, this is a coming together of two gaming world that fans have eagerly awaited.

In the trailer, we meet Emperor Karl Franz, rallying his army of men and imperial artillery against the horde of ferocious Greenskins. Named The Battle of Black Fire Pass, this is one of the unique quest battles for the character and the one that was used as the demonstration at E3 for journalists.

With the reveal of this trailer, a further video was promised coming Thursday 30th July, which would show the battle in its entirety, including a developer walkthrough.

In an interesting move, when the video was revealed, the “in-engine” nature of what we saw was also discussed. Using an in-house tool referred to as CINDY, the footage was created within the game engine itself. The Karl Franz trailer for example takes place in the actual Black Fire Pass battle map, which will be in the game.

This is interesting because of the trailers we tend to see from game company these days. In-Engine footage shown tends to not fully represent what we’ll see in the game. With the stressing that this trailer was created in a true in-game environment it feels like the developers are making it clear that this is what to expect in the game.

This can change of course, but with Creative Assembly and SEGA being so open about how the trailer was created and how the game development is progressing, I’m sure they’ll keep us informed as to any changes to come.

Total War: Warhammer is coming to the PC and Mac soon.

Are you looking forward to Total War: Warhammer? Let us know your thoughts on the new trailer below.