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Metal Gear Online: Stealth Camo, Audio Languages, and Levelling System Discussed

Thanks to new Metal Gear Online official Q&A session with fans, we now have some more information on stealth camo, audio languages, animations, and more.

First of all, developer has confirmed that while using stealth camo, everything remains hidden. Furthermore, this holds true even when aiming a silent pistol.

When asked whether the leveling system be similar to MGO-2 in terms of a separate player rank and competitive GPA score, the developer confirmed that the online component boast a different system, but did not share more details.

Coming to audio languages, the developer confirmed that the North American release has the option to toggle between English and Japanese voice languages.

Lastly, speaking of animations, it has been confirmed only a handful of animations were added or modified from the singleplayer – not may additional animations were created for Metal Gear Online.

For a complete recap of everything discussed head over to the link provided!

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