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League of Legends HUD Update hits Alongside Patch 5.14; New Changes Detailed

It has been a while since Riot Games revealed their League of Legends HUD update plans, the features were brought to PBE for testing and feedback received according to the common practice.

Now it is about time we talk release dates. The developers have recently revealed that they are planning to let out the changes alongside the upcoming patch 5.14.

So yes, those of you who are playing the game on the live servers will not have to wait for too long before they can get their hands on the League of Legends HUD update.

However, there is a catch to it; the update will initially be rolled out to non-ranked queues and ranked play will get it a couple of days after they have tested the waters with it.

Moving on, Riot Games has also detailed all the new changes that have been made to the HUD update ever since it was introduced to PBE.

Here’s a rundown on all the additional features and changes:

  • Teammate ult timers – we’ve added in timers that indicate when your allies can use their ults! Before the update, this was just represented by a binary green light, but you’ll see the ult timers fill up with the update, meaning you can more accurately figure out when it’s time to wombo.
  • Teammate summoner spell timers – hit the tab key at any point and you’ll see if your allies can use their spells, and, if not, how long until they can.
  • Teammate mana bars have returned – we left out allied mana bars with the update, thinking they weren’t super important. We were wrong, you guys let us know, and they’re back in now.
  • Persistence – if you open champion stats or latency display during a game, it’ll persist between matches.
  • Level up ceremony – we added a bunch of animations and sounds to make sure you know when you ding.
  • Spellbar clarity – made some pretty hefty changes to the shape, color, and animation of cooldown, loss of control and out of mana to improve readability.
  • Minimap changes – game time feels like it belongs near the minimap because timing is usually related to map objectives, but ultimately playtests and feedback have shown it’s a more natural fit in the top corner.
  • Visual style – we’re all for minimal, but we may have overshot it. We’ve since tried to squeeze in more magic through texture work and animation.
  • Accessibility – added camera lock and options buttons back in.

What are your thoughts on the League of Legends HUD update?