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Hearthstone’s Nozdormu Card is a Turn Stealer but is it an Issue?

People are reporting a glitch on Hearthstone where an opponent’s turn can be stolen from them, but it turns out that this may not be so new. Looking at the chatter on Hearthstone forums this technique has been known to exist for a while and is just accepted, though if it becomes an abused move that may change things.

The glitch is created using the Nozdormu card, which is seen as a card that has little use but to rush players into making a move. Add this card to a pair of Youthful Brewmasters though and your opponent finds that their move is taken from them by the time wasting animations that the cards create.

Looking at players reactions to this issue though it appears that it isn’t something that is being used in malice against players and may be why Blizzard haven’t rushed to fix it. With it becoming more publicised though and the potential that more people will attempt to use it this may change things.

Another question this raises is what exactly do we class it as? Just because it takes a players move away from them, is this an actual exploit? If anything it could be argued to be a tactic that actually uses the games mechanisms to gain an advantage on another player. It also makes the Nozdormu card a lot more interesting than it’s been in the past.

We’ll have to see how Blizzard react to this issue, or if they even see it as one. Whether this is fixed or not will probably depend on how the players themselves react to it during games.

What are your thoughts on this turn stealing tactic? Should Blizzard deal with it or just leave it for people to use? Let us know your thoughts below.