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Destiny’s Most Popular Weapons Are Getting Nerfed With Update 2.0

Bungie has announced some pretty concerning news for Guardians protecting Destiny servers from vicious and disgusting aliens.

The developer is planning to nerf some of the most popular and used weapons in Destiny. Yes, your Gjallarhorn, Thorn, The Last Word, Hawkmoon won’t be as affected as they are now.

Destiny update 2.0 will bring a huge round of weapons overhaul, that will make changes to various weapons in the game. The good news is that the auto rifle is getting buffed, but other weapons including the hand cannon are getting nerfed.

According to some of the details shared by Bungie:

Auto Rifle:

  • Start damage falloff closer to the player to emphasize its role as a close to medium range weapon
  • Small reduction in base stability. Landing shots at optimal range is unaffected, but repeated precision hits require more weapon control to land consistently
  • Boost damage by 10% against AI combatants

Hand Canon:

  • Start damage falloff closer to the player to limit long range lethality
  • Small reduction in ADS accuracy, targeted at making long range snap-shooting less reliable
  • Reduce final accuracy when firing from hip
  • Fast firing from hip is less reliable
  • Reduce magazine size for all base inventory stats
  • Reduce base Optics (zoom) for all Hand Cannons
  • ADS now grants more width in favor of depth

The Last Word is getting a reduction is Range stat, stability, effectiveness while in ADS and more. Meanwhile, Thorn is getting reduction in base damage to its Mark of the Devourer DoT.

Ice Breaker recharge time is increased to 1 every 8 seconds.

More details are available at the link above.