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Destiny: What is XUR’s Location This Week and What Is He Selling? Helm of Inmost Light, Celestial Nighthawk and More

Guardians! We have news that XUR was seen in the Destiny servers and he brings you a range of exotics in his inventory. The mysterious vendor offers a selection of items each week in exchange for some Strange Coins and Motes of Light.

Hopefully you have gathered enough currency over the past week.

Last week’s inventory was decent enough as we were offered Plan C, Purifier Robes, Crest of Alpha Lupi, Eternal Warrior and more.

So can XUR do even better this week? Well, that’s for you to decide. Below you can see the list of exotics on sale this week. If you wish to do some shopping, XUR can be found in the Tower North.

Helm of Inmost Light

  • Defense: 451 / 491
  • Light: 36 / 42
  • Strength: 94 / 99
  • Type: Exotic Helmet
  • Class: Titan
  • Price: 13 Strange Coins

Celestial Nighthawk

  • Defense: 491
  • Light: 42
  • Intellect: 123
  • Type: Exotic Helmet
  • Class: Hunters
  • Price: 13 Strange Coins


  • Defense: 369 / 402
  • Light: 36 / 42
  • Intellect: 105 / 111
  • Type: Exotic Gauntlets
  • Class: Warlock
  • Price: 13 Strange Coins

Other than that we have some Exotic shards and engram on sale. XUR will go back on Monday to wherever he comes from each week, so complete all of your shopping before July 20.

See anything worth your hard earn Strange Coins?