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Battleborn Has Different Multiplayer Modes, Details Discussed By Producer

Courtesy of Gearbox, who gave us the memorable Borderlands, we are now looking forward to another highly enticing title called Battleborn.

It’s a multiplayer heavy title, that will offer various online modes. Chris Thomas, Publishing Producer for 2K, spoke recently about the multiplayer aspects of the game and according to him, the story mode will offer co-op gameplay, and said that up to five players can participate in the story mode.

In addition to that, Battleborn will have other modes as well that are going to differ from what players might expect.

Although you can play the game alone but developers recommend going co-op. Battleborn will support PvP modes as well, so you can test your mettle against other players.

There are twenty-five different characters to choose from during 5v5 PvP matches. You can expect to see three modes – Devastation, Incursion, and Meltdown – and each will have enough depth to keep players interested for a while.

The Incursion mode, according to Thomas, will have two bases at each end of the map. Players will fight to move across the map, with help from some AI minions, while fighting a party of 5 enemy players too.

Devastation on the other hand, will put emphases on completing objectives in a capture-and-hold style gameplay. Meanwhile, in Meltdown players will spawn at their base with AI minions, and your task will be to escort these minions to various parts of the map.

You will get points for getting these minions safely to each location. It won’t be easy as you will be facing enemy players and their own minions, which you will have to kill as well to protect your own.

Sounds interesting? Stay-tuned for more on Battleborn.