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To Fans’ Dismay, World of Warcraft is Getting PvP Mercenary Mode

The fans are generally disliking it, but Blizzard Entertainment is going to release a new PvP based Mercenary Mode to World of Warcraft in the next update that the game gets.

Now I think there was a time when Blizzard Entertainment said they will never allow cross faction PvP but it looks like things have changed. Here’s what they had to say about the new PvP based Mercenary Mode and how it works:

They say, “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”—and soon, you’ll be able to do just that.

In an upcoming patch, we’ll be adding a feature that allows you to act as a mercenary for the opposite faction in PvP. Whenever your faction is experiencing a long wait time to get into Ashran or unrated Battlegrounds, agents of the enemy faction will appear in your base in Ashran (Stormshield for the Alliance, Warspear for the Horde). These agents will allow you to enter Ashran or Battlegrounds disguised as an enemy player, and actually fight as the opposite faction.

Playing this way gets you all the rewards except for those that are specific to a faction. Your race gets changed automatically so you blend in and while you are at it, the queue timings are going to be much shorter – which is being regarded as a rare upside to this by a lot of the fans.

If you look at the immediate reaction from the community of World of Warcraft, people are bashing the idea by labeling it a mistimed April Fools’ prank, an elaborate way of trolling the community, a temporary fix to the imbalance in the game and a mistake to fix another mistake.

Do you think World of Warcraft is changing away from what it was supposed to be? If not, are you coll with this new PvP based Mercenary Mode?