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Monster Hunter X Gets New Details, Weapons, Combat and More

We may not know when Monster Hunter X is coming to the west, but it is sure to make its way sooner or later. What we do know though is details are being released on what to expect from the game, with plenty of changes coming.

When it comes to fighting there will be plenty of new weapons on show, but what sounds more interesting is a new mechanic that is being added to combat. With the addition of Hunting Arts, attacks made at monsters will manifest themselves in different ways.

With healing, strength enhancement and special attacks aimed at helping teammates this will bring the importance of teamwork into the game. These additions have been added based on players looking for more unique characteristics for their characters.

These Arts will be a mixture that are weapon based or more character based (no dependant on just one weapon) depending on their design.

Another addition is Hunting Styles, which will come in four forms. These include a basic more traditional style from previous Monster Hunter games, flashy and extravagant that use Hunting Arts more, mid-air combat with jump attacks, and the final which is more risk based which leads to more danger for the attacker.

In relation to monsters in the game, Monster Hunter X will now feature four main monsters. These have been dubbed as the “Elite Four.” One of these creatures will be Dinobaruto, a land-type Rathalos. A Fire breather it has no ability to fly, resembling a dinosaur but more extreme in nature. Of the four monsters, this has been called the more orthodox.

For more information on Monster Hunter X, there will be a first live gameplay video July 20. This can be viewed here when the video is live. The time for this is 7:00AM (EDT), 12:00PM (UK), 8:00PM (Japan).

Are you looking forward to Monster Hunter X? Let us know your thoughts below.