Leaked Fable Legends Release Date Is Incorrect, Says Microsoft

Just a couple of days ago, the official Xbox channel on YouTube posted a video compilation of all the happening of San-Diego Comic Con. The video accidently shared a release date for Fable Legends as it mentioned that the game will be available starting October 13.

Microsoft hasn’t said anything regarding a release date but fans are hoping that the game will release sometime during Fall.

So when the video mentioned an October 13 release date, it was sure to make headlines everywhere. Unfortunately, the date mentioned in the video is incorrect and Microsoft has released a statement saying that they apologize for the confusion.

We hope to open the world of Fable Legends gamers this Christmas, but we have nothing to share at this time on a specific date.

The date appearing on the video recapitulation of the Comic-Con in San Diego is incorrect and we apologize for the confusion caused.

Fans will also be disappointed to know that the development team hasn’t even announced a release date internally. According to a post on NeoGaf by Game Director for Fable Legends, David Eckelberry:

No idea where they got this date. We don’t have an announced day of release yet, not even internally.

Fable Legends is currently under development for both Xbox One and PC. The game will offer cross-platform play but it isn’t clear if developers will release the game on the same day.