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League of Legends Chroma Packs for Bard, Karthus and Nasus Available Now

Riot Games has announced the push of additional Chroma packs for its multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends.

The packs will be available from the in-game store, and this time around focus on three special champions: Bard, Karthus, and Nasus.

Each pack will cost 590 RP, but this time around it contains the champion base and the skin chroma pack.

Chroma Packs are essentially re-colored skins of existing champions that are available at an affordable price. The re-coloring can either be of the default classic look of the champion or of a specific skin for that character. Karthus’s chroma pack is for the Grim Reaper skin, whereas Nasus’ one is for the Dreadnight skin.

You can find further information for the Chroma Packs in the FAQs section for Chroma Packs on the official League of Legends website.

Check out the how these look on the mentioned champions below. Not too shabby, eh?