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Keiji Inafune Has Harsh Words for the Japanese Gaming Industry

To proclaim that the Japanese gaming industry was at the point of death seems to be a harsh statement. Coming from Keiji Inafune though it doesn’t seem to be a surprise, as he is known for his negative feeling for the industry.

When talking to French gaming site his words were not of a bitter man, but one that wants to see more fire from the Japanese game makers. While talking to them at E3, he pointed out how at one time Japanese was dominating the show floor with the most popular games, but now just isn’t the same. This is sadly something you can’t really argue against.

This is why Inafune is now working with a Western company with his new game ReCore, which was revealed by Microsoft and caught people’s eye for being something a little more innovative than some of the other games on show.

Featuring robots that help a human protagonist that are more of a “core” than a full machine, the pre-rendered trailer showed the robots ability to take over other pieces of machinery even if its original form is destroyed. As long as the core survived, it was able to adapt to other robots to use that form. This is an interesting concept, but until we see more, it remains mysterious.

Keiji Inafune is the co-creator of Mega Man, which brings him legions of fans and shows his pedigree in robotic games. Other projects he has worked with were Onimusha, Lost Planet and Dead Rising. His company Comcept USA are also working on Mighty No. 9, which has more than a passing resemblance to Mega Man.

ReCore is being worked on by Inafune’s Comcept Studios and Armature Studios, and will be published by Microsoft as an Xbox One exclusive.

What do you think of Keiji Inafune’s comments on the Japanese gaming industry? Are you looking forward to ReCore? Let us know your thoughts below.