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Is There a New TRON Game on the Way? Could be TRON: Escape

With the Disney movie Tron 2, it was hoped that would be a new start and Tron would feature a reinvigorated story that would spawn even more movies. Though Disney cancelled their planned Tron 3 film, it looks like they may not have given up on games just yet.

On the Brazilian ratings board, a game TRON: Escape has appeared. Submitted by Disney Interactive Studios it has been submitted for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. While there is no other information as of yet for, Disney do have a web game based on the film using the name Escape from Argon City.

Could this be a version of this game but expanded to a bigger more grander scale? Right now, it is too soon to say so we have to wait and see if anything is announced.

The last TRON video game to come from Disney was Tron: Evolution. This was released on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC, and PSP in 2010.

With the TRON film all about combat in gaming style situations there has always been interest in games created based on the movie. Making its way into game series like Kingdom Hearts and Epic Mickey it is obvious that Disney do see the popularity of Tron, hopefully this rating news is a sign that a game is in production.

All we can do for now is wait for some news on Tron: Escape. Should we get our hopes up too soon? I’m not sure just yet.

Would you like to see a new game based on Tron? Let us know your thoughts below.