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Technomancer Dev Can’t wait to see DirectX 12 on PC, Detailed and Dynamic Environments

With each new version of Windows and DirectX, Microsoft proclaim that it will standardise the core of its Operating System, for not only the PC but also consoles and phones. It made the same promise with Windows 8 and now we have it with Windows 10 too.

With the release of Windows 10 coming at the end of the month and DirectX 12 coming with it, those who have the Insider preview will have already seen the drivers arriving through Windows Update. The latest build (10240) is very close to an RTM build and most functionality is now on show, though Microsoft will not officially say it is the finalised version.

What is interesting though are comments made by Jehanne Rousseau CEO of Spiders, who are working on Technomancer. Gamingbolt quote him as saying:

“We can’t wait to see DirectX 12 on PC! This is the missing standard to allow everyone to benefit from the new generation of graphic API initiated with Mantle. This will mainly allow even more detailed and dynamic environments. But in practice, we already have some sort of more low level API on consoles than on PC.”

These words are interesting, because as a developer of a game that looks to be pushing hardware to impressive levels they should know what potential DirectX is showing. If the API for DirectX 12 gives them the power they want, then this is obviously good news for gamers.

The fact that Microsoft is pushing PC owners to use Windows 10 by giving it away free, which in turn will have them using DirectX 12 this does look promising for the new Operating System. If it can live up to the promises.

It will probably take time for us to see any of DirectX 12’s true potential, if we even notice it at all. If developers are liking what they see though, maybe this gives us something more to look forward to.

What do you think of Microsoft’s DirectX 12? Will we notice any improvement in our games? Let us know your thoughts below.