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A Destiny Exploit Could Allow People to Dismantle Other Players Gear

Take this as a rumour for now, but if true hopefully Bungie will fix it quickly. It looks like Destiny may have a new glitch and this exploit may be one that hurts the players in the worst possible place too, their inventory where all their treasures are held.

It appears that a weakness in the game allows gaming trolls (or griefer) to dismantle another player’s weaponry and gear. This obviously leaves them with the job of having to find these beloved items all over again.

The exploit has come-to-light after a post on reddit by DeafSpaceWizadry. Asking for help because another user dismantled their weaponry the Destiny community soon came to their aid.

This attack was even more concerning because it has an obvious bullying overtone. The fact so many people were willing to help this player get their cherished gear back at least shows the better side of gaming communities in action. We’re not all bad.

It should be noted that there is no actual proof that this is a widespread problem, but if more cases come-to-light hopefully it will be patched up soon to stop more victims.

Being able to effect another person’s inventory in this way is an unfair advantage, unless the player has given his or her consent for it to be done.

Whatever is the truth behind this story, it does show a negative side to gaming that is unfair. This type of behaviour thankfully leads to people being banned for such practices and it is hoped that the user who did this (if they actually did) should be penalised for their actions.

What are your thoughts on this reported exploit in the game? Let us know your thoughts below.