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Xbox One Elite Controller Pre-Order Details Emerge for European Regions

While for the most part E3 revealed new games, Microsoft caused a bit of a stir with their new Xbox One Elite controller. Tapping into the professional market the controller promised to be adaptable to fit the requirements of the player, but there was no hiding that it would be expensive.

With the North America pricing revealed soon after the event the question for many European Xbox One owners was when would they get it and what would the price be? Looks like we now have the answer to this.

Microsoft are offering people in the UK the chance to pre-order the controller at the price of £119.99. Mainland European can also pre-order the controller too with Germany offering it at the price of 149.99 Euros.

The Xbox One Elite Controller is designed for the professional, and this shows in the price. With the way it can be altered it is adaptable to offer extra accuracy, faster reactions and the ability to tailor to the player rather than just being the generic controller that comes with the Xbox One.

This is done by using better quality metal thumbsticks and D-pad along with interchangeable paddles and customisations that professional players require.

The Xbox One Elite Controller will be compatible with the console and the PC, working either wirelessly or wired through the use of a USB cable. Coming October 2015 it will be interesting to see who is willing to pay so much for a controller, and if it can live up to the expectations.

What do you think of the new Elite Xbox One Controller? Let us know your thoughts below.