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World of Warcraft Horde Themed PlayStation 4 is Hot!

In the gaming industry we have got all sorts of ways to show our love towards a certain game franchise or even a console.

For instance, this guy loves World of Warcraft so much that he designed himself a horde themed PlayStation 4 that is probably as awesome as a custom fan made console can get.

As you can see in the image above, the guy has given the console a complete makeover with a wooden finish that is even worn off on the sides to give it a roughed up look and nails that look like they are holding the thing together.

The best part, however, are the spikes that are protruding out of the top left half of the PlayStation 4. Lastly, there is this logo on the right side with horde chains coming up around it.

The end result resembles something like a treasure chest that the horde will keep. If you ask me it looks pretty amazing and shows how much hard work went into it.

On the flipside, nothing can be said about the impact such heavy ornaments will have on the console’s temperature – things could get heated up in there pretty soon!

Despite the amazing work that has been done on this custom PlayStation 4, I have failed to see the connection because World of Warcraft is a PC game that has come out only on Microsoft Windows and OS X, it neither has any current connection with consoles nor have Blizzard shown any intention for the same.

Then again, I did say we have all sort of way of showing our love for a certain IP or a console didn’t I?