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Wil Wheaton Discusses The Last of Us and Uncharted 4 with Naughty Dog

Playstation has started a series of videos, Conversations with Creators with Wil Wheaton. Roundtable interviews with the people, the games we all love; it gives them a chance to talk about the games they have created. In the latest episode released today Wheaton talks to Naughty Dog.

While most of the video is concentrating on The Last of Us, around the 30:00 minute mark, they get into the development of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. The video as a whole is interesting but with Uncharted being the big release they are building up to, it is interesting to hear what they say about the game.

With a focus on how the power of the Playstation 4 has allowed them to improve the story telling it comes as no surprise that the aging last generation Playstation 3 was struggling to allow them to do what they wanted. From the previews we’ve seen of Uncharted 4 there is a huge difference between the spectacle we see in this latest game compared to previous games.

Featuring Evan Wells (Naughty Dog co-president), Neil Druckmann (creative director), Bruce Straley (director) and Anthony Newman (designer) the fact they go into technical detail of what they were able to achieve makes this a more interesting video than the average interview we usually get that work to just publicise their games.

Not only what they reveal about Uncharted 4, but also what they discuss about The Last of Us, it gives a nice insight into how Naughty Dog approach the development of their games and what has made them such a success.

Well worth a watch, it’ll be interesting to see what other interviews Wil Weaton will be doing in the future.

Have you watched the roundtable interview? What are your thoughts on what they had to say?