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Star Wars Battlefront Alpha Brings 4K Screenshots of Hoth

Tatooine, Hoth, Deathstar, these words might not mean much to someone who has not grown up watching Star Wars movies and playing Star Wars games, but everything about them is important to a fan.

Star Wars Battlefront is going to take you to Hoth as well as Tatooine, and we have a bucketful of ultra setting based 4K resolution screenshots showing you how it would feel when you set foot on Hoth.

Thanks to the closed alpha phase that kicked off on July 2 we have had tons of videos and images that players who had access were able to share.

These new screenshots are the latest addition to the pile of data we have gathered from Star Wars Battlefront. We have added them to a gallery below so that you can open them up in the original size and check out how detailed everything is going to be.

Most of the screenshots below are from outdoors during a multiplayer battle that features everything from the ships to AT-AT Walkers (All Terrain Armored Transport) and also shows off numerous weapons that are included in the alpha phase.

However, there also are screenshots that take you into the bunkers for battle sequences that focus more on closed quarters combat.

In parallel news, it has been confirmed that Star Wars Battlefront will also get featured at D23 Expo. Also, here are some newly released details on the game’s split screen, vehicles, and beginnings.

Do tell us if you like how Electronic Arts have recreated the planet of Hoth.