Next GTA Online DLC is Codenamed “Low,” 12 Vehicles Unearthed

GTA Online Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 DLC went live a week ago and if you think you will get tired of the badass riches very soon, Rockstar Games might have something for the likes of you.

Apparently, the existence of a new downloadable content pack has been datamined by the dedicated fans of the game. According to the source of this news, the upcoming update is codenamed “low.”

While there was nothing else that could be found about the setting of this update or the reason why it is being codenamed as such, a list of vehicles unearthed have started a lot of speculation.

A total of 12 vehicles have been found in the code. Here’s they are alongside their code names:

  • 0x95466bdb – faction2
  • 0x866bce26 – faction3
  • 0x710a2b9b – moonbeam2
  • 0x86618eda – primo2
  • 0x0d4ea603 – sabregt2
  • 0xca62927a – virgo2
  • 0x00fdffb0 – virgo3
  • 0xaed64a63 – chino2
  • 0x779b4f2d – clean voodoo
  • 0xc397f748 – buccaneer2
  • 0x94da98ef – tornado5
  • 0x42bc5e19 – slamvan3

See what we are getting at? Well, these cars are allegedly going to make their way to GTA Online very soon but none of them are really pricey or luxurious like the previous ones.

In fact, they are essentially the opposite. We have a really basic sedan in Primo, Virgo which is a muscle car, Faction which is a standard coupe and a crappy minivan in the form of Moonbeam.

So what are they getting at? The rumors circling the internet suggest that Rockstar Games is probably going to bring you down from the high horses you got on with Ill-Gotten Gains and in order to do that they are going to release an opposite of what that update essentially was.

We are not sure if this is going to be the case, but GTA Online would get creative if it does!