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Nathan’s Jeep is a Key Tool in Uncharted 4, Says Naughty Dog

Nathan’s jeep in the upcoming Uncharted 4 is a significant component of the gameplay experience and you can expect to see plenty of it throughout the game.

The game had an impressive show during E3 2015 with all those crazy stunts, driving sequences, and jaw-dropping visuals. However, if you were especially rooting to see more of the jeep sequences in the game, you are in for a treat.

Speaking to GamesRadar, Uncharted 4 Game Director, Bruce Straley stated that jeep is a crucial component in the game’s experience as there will be certain areas which will require the usage of your jeep:

“You actually see it earlier in the game,” explains Bruce, “you get used to all the controls [in] much larger environments than this, you can play with the jeep”. Not only are large areas specifically created for the vehicle (it “requires significantly more space”), there are whole places “that you can’t necessarily traverse through on foot” he says, highlighting “types of mud, bouldering over terrain, rocky terrain.”

However, Straley also clarified that the vehicle will not be forced upon the players, the way Batmobile is in the recently released Batman: Arkham Knight. According to Straley, it is all about pacing and the usage is altered depending on the situations:

“We’re going wide when we want to, [and] we’re going to narrow it down when the story calls for it. It’s all about pacing,” he reassured. “We look at our needs. What do we need to get out of this? What do we need to say about the characters? How do we use the tools in our kit? You have to find your way, to use these tools you have, like the rope, the piton, and the jeep. The jeep you can get in and out of throughout these ‘explore areas’.”

In parallel Uncharted 4 news, Naughty Dog has confirmed that the upcoming installment will feature real-time cut scenes instead of pre-rendered ones so as to boost seamless gameplay experience in the game. To read up more, head over to the link provided!

Uncharted 4 is scheduled to arrive next year exclusively on Playstation 4.

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