Mortal Kombat X May be Coming to Germany Soon

German censorship of games as well as movies has ben strict in the past, but has also gone through a phase of being more liberal. One victim of censorship though has been Mortal Kombat X, which up until now it seemed not available for sale in the country.

Some good news for German fans though, has reported that the game has managed to get an “Ab 18” rating, which means while the game is not suitable for children it can still be released.

While this gives permission for the game to hit the stores, it is too soon to know when the game will actually be available. We’ll have to wait for Warner Bros. Entertainment to officially reveal when this will happen.

With the game going through the process to be rated for this normally means that there are plans to try and get it available soon, so there are likely to be details appearing on retail sites for pre-orders and I’m sure news sites will be looking for any sign of this taking place.

Mortal Kombat X has proven to be a popular release, bringing Mortal Kombat back to what it does best. Although the PC version had problems on its release for the most part the console version was well received and has a sizable online community fighting it out to show who the best fighter is.

Notable for its brutal matches and bloody fatalities, it often courts controversy in countries all over the world, not just Germany.

Are you happy to see Germany finally get Mortal Kombat X? Let us know your thoughts on the release below.