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Latest FIFA 16 Trailer Puts Focus on the Pitch and the New Features

On a real pitch, the game of football is a game of attack and defence with the pitch itself split into three areas of battle. In the latest trailer for FIFA 16 the video looks at what advancements have been made in the game to improve the gaming experience.

In the defensive side of the game, player modelling and improvement have been updated allowing the player to be able to tackle with a more natural style. With new tackling situations added, one interesting addition is the ability to back out of a sliding challenge, which will be of good use to protect from the possibility of a red card.

The midfield area will be the part of the pitch where most of the more intelligent battles will take place. This area is about the interception of the play and being able to control the attack to block it. For the striker it’s the attack and finding weakness. FIFA 16 will have added scope for both attack and defence to create some epic midfield battles.

As the best way to attack defences is to cross the ball from the wings realism is key to success. Finding the corridor for the striker to sneak through, to have the ball arrive at their feet at just the right moment is something that makes the game so enjoyable. The trailer mentions many times about adding the “feeling” to the gameplay so that the player knows when the goal will be a success.

It’s interesting that the goalkeepers were mentioned again this year, as it was also a focus for FIFA 15. While the changes weren’t as impressive as promised it’ll be interesting to see if any new innovations will be able to make more of an impression this time.

What are your thoughts on the updates you see in the new trailer? Will they improve the game? Let us know your thoughts below.