Here’s How Sonic The Hedgehog Looks on Unreal Engine 4

Like many other iconic characters, Sonic The Hedgehog has been with us since long before super impressive game development engines like Unreal Engine 4 were even dreamed of.

However, with the gaming industry changing so fast the fans of Sonic would also want it to get the good treatment. Although Sega has not revealed anything like this, one of the fans has been experimenting with Unreal Engine 4.

YouTuber CryZENx has churned out a two minute long video featuring Sonic The Hedgehog using assets from A Boy & His Kite demo that was shown off at the Game Developers Conference 2015.

Primarily the video features the super speedy hedgehog boasting of how fast he is while running round in fields sprawling with deer.

Now personally I don’t think that is the best Sonic can look in Unreal Engine 4, but hey it is a fan made video after all and gives us one up from the graphics that previous sonic games have had.

It does look interesting to see how the realistic world would be at arms length for Sonic The Hedgehog if a game was made using such high tech graphics.

Check out the video below and tell us if you will be interested in playing a game that looks like this one.